James Green
Defaulted Loans

I was in default with my loans, and the government started taking away my tax refund for 2 years. When I spoke to Education Financial, they showed me that this wasn’t even lowering the balance of my loans. They helped me with so much!

Alex Windfree
New Homeowner

I was paying over $600 a month on my student loans for over 5 years, and I still had a long way to go, this kept me from buying a house. Now, with their help, I was able to reduce it in half! I own a house now 🙂 read more

Miriam Gray
Public Servant

They helped me qualify for a program that reduced my payback term by 15 years, solely because I work as a teacher!

Alex Redmind
Happy Client

I was getting my paychecks garnished for about 9 months, and every 2 weeks they took hundreds of dollars right out of my check. Education Financial got me into a rehab loan program that eventually stopped my garnishment! Now I pay very affordable payments!

Richard Remmington
Happy Client

I tried to get myself into the student loan forgiveness program myself, and my servicer did everything in their power to keep me from getting in. When I called these guys, I was enrolled that very day! read more

Helen Blackwood
Public Servant

I just finished the process of getting into the forgiveness program, and I had no idea I would qualify for public service forgiveness based on the fact that I work for a nonprofit company! Education Financial paved the way and now I pay a lot less on my loans.

Robert Greenfield
Family Man

My whole family has student loans, my wife and I and my three kids! Our Education Financial rep went one by one on the phone with each member of my family and set us all up. I feel like they saved us at least $100,000!

Rachel Smith
Single Mom

I went to college and unfortunately did not finish, I had kids instead. I was paying for loans I couldn’t even use! My rep Jonathon help lower my payments, and it was mostly because of the amount of kids I was providing for! Would you look at that!

Alex Smithfield
Bachelors Degree Student

I was in default with my loans before I could even finish college. I had a bad job, because they wouldn’t let me go back to school. These guys got me out of default quickly, and I am happy to say that I am back in school to finish my degree!

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